Saturday, 28 June 2014

How many Always Sunny references can I fit i to a blog about toy soldiers?

I also considered Fight Milk, but Troll Toll is at least partially related to the hobby. Though I do use the Old Witch in Warmachine, so maybe Fight Like A Crow would have worked.

So I'm starting this blog mainly because I feel like it'd be a fun outlet for my general thoughts on wargaming, nerdy crap and because I enjoy writing.

I usually shy away from any form of social media because I never really got it as a thing, so this is...not a big deal, more like a semi deal. A proto deal?

Expect battle reports, musings, maybe some painting if I can take a decent picture of it. Mainly Warmahordes and WHFB. Maybe a spattering of specialist G-Dub games and an occasional WH4K games of we're getting crazy.

Also swearing. If you don't like naughty words, probably best you don't follow this blog.